VNS CLOUD - A New Product from Virtuoso Netsoft Pvt. Ltd.

Virtuoso NetSoft (VNS) is a name synonymous with ingenuity and technological prowess. The company continues to reinvent itself and offer futuristic and innovative solutions to simplify business and operational challenges. In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), VNS now offers a chance to capitalize on cloud computing for your business.


Every business in every industry strives to achieve excellence through increased productivity, reduced costs, robust operational processes, and a highly flexible business environment. Cloud computing has managed to transform the way businesses are run in the last decade.

AWS, a subsidiary of the retail giant Amazon, has carved a niche for offering on-demand platforms for cloud computing to those who seek it. They have been offering a whole array of services to multiple businesses, industries, governments, and even individuals.

VNS has now joined hands with AWS, as a certified partner, to offer you cloud computing services that can improve KPIs and SLAs, maximize process and employee potential, reduce outages, eliminate costs on storage infrastructure, etc. Being a pioneer in offering technologically advanced solutions, VNS offers you the chance to be part of yet another success story, with cloud computing at the epicentre.

AWS has a far-reaching and highly reliable cloud infrastructure spanning the globe and VNS, as a certified partner, will help you to leverage this global presence, to catapult your business to the top.

VNS Cloud

Every business process requires multiple factors to deliver results like the right systems, software, database management, storage, network management, and resources. This can be quite an expensive affair if not handled intelligently. You need the assistance of the right cloud services to assist you in handling the multiple facets allowing you the time to focus on the core processing.

VNS cloud offers you relentless and highly competitive cloud computing services to handle these tasks while you focus on the core business operations. In addition, you can be assured of better safety and backup to your information with the VNS cloud.

AWS is a popular name in the cloud computing industry for its wide and varied services, extensive presence, reliable and secure infrastructure, among other reasons. Now you can avail all these services along with the technological masterminds to assist you, with the VNS cloud. The product encompasses the benefits of cloud computing and the expertise of the veteran team in VNS, known for their customized and highly remarkable business solutions.

Services under VNS Cloud

VNS cloud offers a huge range of cloud services and products including but not limited to,

  1. Compute services to manage your workloads and accelerate solutions at a lesser cost. Thanks to the partnership with AWS, VNS cloud offers you the resources and features like Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). It helps you to use a multitude of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions for managing systems and applications.
  2. Storage services to secure and reliable storage options, with faster recovery and reduced costs. You can also make use of AI and ML to compute performances, accelerate delivery, improve services, etc. on your cloud data.
  3. Cloud databases with purpose and empowering businesses to better manage data. Multiple database types to cater to different uses with different AWS services to help you move to a well-managed and well-performing cloud database.
  4. Analytics services with AWS to handle enormous data, automation of manual tasks, storage and data analysis, extraction of insights from data, optimizing performance, scalability, and affordability.
  5. Stringent security measures to ensure the integrity and easy availability of your data on the trusted AWS network. Capitalize on the global network of AWS and deliver your content, access applications from anywhere in the world.
  1. Mobile services to deliver secure and reliable apps for any platform, Android or iOS, or others, with the guaranteed reliability of the global AWS cloud infrastructure. Services that encompass every facet of mobile apps, from faster development to timely delivery, from testing to customer engagement through the tools and services of AWS.
  2. Tools designed to help developers with easy integration to AWS, collaborating the workflow of operations and the developers.
  3. You can manage to control cost, security, and compliance, as you continue to enjoy innovation. Simple management of resources on a single platform while assessing the utilization of resources thereby reducing the costs.
  4. Protection of your data, workflows, accounts, and any other information from unauthorized personnel with secure access and identity management. Continuous monitoring for threats and account behaviour to further mitigate threats.

Benefits of VNS Cloud

Acclaimed internationally, cloud computing has managed to transform communication between businesses and customers and has raised the standards of excellence in every facet of the business community.

With a comprehensive and globally present cloud platform like AWS, VNS cloud offers services encompassing the various processes and features of a business like networking, storage, maintenance, processing, etc. VNS cloud helps to improve the flexibility, scalability, and agility of your business performance while lowering your cost factors.

Some of the benefits you can reap with the VNS cloud on your side are

  1. With optimization of costs on databases, storage, and computing, you can now enjoy a cost-effective business environment to operate in. With cloud-based infrastructure, there is limited provisioning to be done on storage or retrieval of data. VNS cloud offers an array of services that shoulders the operational and business responsibilities giving you the time to focus on the major facets of the business. With more time on hand to focus on core business initiatives, the businesses are bound to reach their success objectives faster.
  1. Storage services to secure and reliable storage options, with faster recovery and reduced costs. You can also make use of AI and ML to compute performances, accelerate delivery, improve services, etc. on your cloud data.
  2. Automated scaling and workload balancing improve the confidence in the operations leaving a positive impact on security and reliability.
  3. Reduced time to innovation and market, resulting in reduced costs and better processing. Automation to increase productivity, better the security measures, and improve customer satisfaction.

Offered under the banner of VNS, and in collaboration with AWS, the VNS cloud is a whole array of services that will let you leverage the value of cloud computing. Most importantly, it is a pay-as-you-go service, which means you have absolute control over the cost.VNS cloud offers you the chance to gain a competitive edge with faster innovation, better operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and optimized costs.


1What is EC2 or the Elastic Compute Cloud?

EC2 or the Amazon EC2 is designed to simplify computing for developers and is a web-based service. It offers scalable compute capacity, giving you control of all resources in computing where you pay only for the capacity that you use.

2 What if my system terminates suddenly while handling data? Does it get stored somewhere?

If the instance is alive, then your data will remain as is on the local instance store. But if you are looking for the data to persist, irrespective of the instance being alive or not, it is better to use the Amazon EBS volumes. You can also use Amazon S3 to back up your data to keep it even after the termination of the instance.

3Is there a limit on the on-demand instances I can run in EC2?

There are five limits, based on vCPU defining the capacity that you can use for running on-demand instances in EC2. These are set based on the regions where you are using the services from and these limits can change over time. The regional usage is continuously monitored by the team to raise them if required at the region level.

And if you are looking to increase the limit before the actual increase is done for the region, you can approach the service page or seek the assistance of the support center at VNS.

4 Can the existing license for the Windows server be used for EC2? Is my license for other software eligible for use in EC2?

This is possible if your existing windows server license is valid. You can check the support center on how you can use the existing license to use the Amazon EC2.

If you are looking to use specific software on EC2, then you need to check your respective vendor on whether you can use the existing license for this purpose. This will vary between vendors and hence it has to be checked before using software on EC2.

5 How is the billing for my usage is calculated for AWS services?

AWS offers pay-as-you-use services which are also the same when availed through the VNS cloud. You can avail the instances and the consumption of instances per hour will decide on the pricing. There will not be any charge for data transfer between AWS services in the same region while there might be small charges incurred for transfer to a different region.

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