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Agreements To The Terms

These Terms of Use constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity ('you') and Virtuoso Netsoft Pvt.Ltd ('Company', 'we', 'us', or 'our'), concerning your access to and use of the services, products as well as any other media form, media channel, mobile website or mobile application related, linked, or otherwise connected thereto (collectively, the 'Site'). You agree that by accessing the Site & Services, you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by all of these Terms of Use.


Supplemental terms and conditions or documents that may be posted on the Site from time to time are hereby expressly incorporated herein by reference. We reserve all the rights to make changes or modifying to all the Terms and Conditions at any time. In case of any changes, we assure you to inform you and update you with the 'Last Updated' date for the terms and conditions. After this, it becomes your responsibility to keep a check on the Terms & Conditions for regular updates. You will be deemed to have been made aware of, and have accepted any changes made to the terms once, you avail any of our services.

Any information that is provided on the website is not there for distribution or use by any third party or person in any jurisdiction or country. Accordingly, those persons who choose to access the Site from other locations do so on their own initiative and are solely responsible for compliance with local laws, if and to the extent local laws are applicable.

Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise indicated, the website is a proprietary property along with the entire source code, databases, software, website design, functionality, text, video, pictures, graphics, and even audio (all collectively known as 'content') and the marks including trademarks, services, logos, and marks are owned and controlled by the company and are licensed to us. All the content and mark are also protected by copyright & trademark laws with different intellectual property rights of the United States, foreign jurisdictions, and international conventions.

Both the Content and the Marks provided on the website 'AS IS' for your information only. As mentioned above in the terms of use, no section of the website including the content and the marks can be copied, aggregated, republished, uploaded, posted, reproduced, encoded, publicly displayed, transmitted, distributed, sold, translated, licensed, or exploited in anyways for commercial purposes whatsoever without our consent or permission.

In case, you are provided with permission to use the website, you will be granted to use the limited license to access and use the site or/and to download or print a copy of the information. We reserve all the rights with us including the Content and the Marks.

User Representations

When using the website, you represent and guarantee that -

  • You have the legal rights and you agree with all the terms of use we have specified over our website.

  • You will not access the website through any automated or non-human methods like bot, script, or otherwise.

  • You will not use the website for any unauthorized or illegal purposes.

  • You will not violate any law or regulation the website has made.

In case, you provide the information that is inaccurate or is not current, incomplete, or false, we have the right to suspend or even terminate your account or can also restrict you from future use of our website and services.

Web Hosting & Terms of Service

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Variation In Pricing & Packages

In case, you order a service with us, we have several terms of payment. All the documents regarding the payment structure will be included in the contract you are delivered to sign. We work on the policy of installments and advance payments. So, make sure that you read the contract carefully to avoid any misunderstanding. Late payments will pose interest over the last one. In case of non-payment, we have the right to cancel the service with notice.

Delay or Non-Payments

In case, you order a service with us, we have several terms of payment. All the documents regarding the payment structure will be included in the contract you are delivered to sign. We work on the policy of installments and advance payments. So, make sure that you read the contract carefully to avoid any misunderstanding. Late payments will pose interest over the last one. In case of non-payment, we have the right to cancel the service with notice.

Spam Policy

We have zero-tolerance towards the unsolicited commercial (UCE) or SPAM over our network. Noone, neither customers or associates have permission to use our network for management of any email. Any resellers of Virtuoso Netsoft Pvt.Ltd. are not allowed to host or even consent to hosting of the websites or any information by UCE. Any contravention of the policy will result in the strict penalty including the immediate termination of the services.

We start a quick examination upon the warning of such infringement with our spam and UCE arrangement. For the term of this examination, we may put a roof on the customer's entrance on our system. In the event that the infringement gets affirmed after examination, we hold rights to drop, prematurely end or end the separate record, without earlier notice. What's more, we hold the right to pursue a common strategy, for the cost aligned with the examination. We may inform law requirement authorities if the infringement is demonstrated as a criminal offense. The infringement of this strategy will bring about punishments. We would charge the Administrative Fee against this infringement. The main instance of such infringement would be charged as Rs. 5000 with the end of Customer's record. The monotonous case or second infringement will be charged as an authoritative expense of Rs. 7500 with quick end of Customer's record. Spamming is precluded with us so PLEASE, DO NOT SPAM from your account. Our affiliates would be exclusively responsible for the exercises of their customers on a system of Virtuoso Netsoft Solution, subsequently, we propose our affiliates to create closely resembling arrangements for their customers. Virtuoso Netsoft Solution doesn't permit mass mailing from its mutual servers. We don't engage any sort of manages such locales. Sending sends in mass amounts ought not to be finished with your record on the SMTP server. We recommend you to take specific administrations from the outsider or you may go for your very own committed server.

Prohibited Scripts And Programs

There are fixed standard principles appropriate to all contents. Peruse ahead to know these guidelines: The term of content use on the processor, ought not to surpass from a couple of moments else it would be expelled. Contents are not permitted to utilize a huge measure of framework assets. On the off chance that content devours ale measure of RAM or processor, the record would be promptly suspended, anticipating a substitute arrangement. The same path on the off chance that a site discovered utilizing a 10% measure of framework asset would be promptly suspended, anticipating a substitute arrangement. Alluded or outer destinations are not permitted to utilize any scripts. Virtuoso Netsoft, the server doesn't permit the utilization of contents 1.interact with the equipment 2. Cooperate or impact server setup documents. Encroachment with this approach may bring about the quick suspension of record, with no earlier hint. Utilization of asset motivator contents like visit room contents coded in Java or Perl is not permitted on Virtuoso Netsoft Solution's server. Virtuoso Netsoft Solution has suspended after contents since they should be either asset swine or hindering: Ultimate BBS Ikonboard FormMail CgiEmail Eggdrops and IRC Bots (PSYBNC, and so forth.) IRC Servers/customers (ircd, and so forth) IRC BNCs (PsyBNC, BNC) Network/System Security Auditing Tools Exploits Daemon Processes Game Servers Proxy Servers Web/CGI based telnet servers The Anonymizer Any Soap Mailers Transmission of Unsolicited Email or SPAM Port scanning CGIs Security Auditing CGIs bogus character and pyramid/Ponzi plot Scripts Shell, SSH, Telnet Scripts and Shell, SSH, Telnet Alternatives. Any content that utilizations and procedures a monstrous number of flat files or enormous flat file databases.

Loss of Backup & Data

Utilization of our administrations is at your very own lone hazard. Virtuoso Netsoft Solution Pvt. Ltd. isn't responsible for any information or potentially documents domiciling for you. You consent to be liable for information move, records and support of legitimate reinforcement of information and documents set up on our server. We are qualified for taking week after week reinforcements of information which have been changed or are new. These reinforcements fill the need for server reclamation.

Mailing List Hosting We don't engage any facilitating for the running of mailing records. Any mailing records found in our servers will be closed somewhere around us with no earlier notice. Sex entertainment or some other sex-related advertising are exposed to forbiddance on any of the servers of Virtuoso Netsoft Solution. Any site that contains sexual substance or connections to any kind of grown-up content somewhere else is remembered for this. Similar remains constant for the destinations which support any unlawful action or are in any capacity inconvenient to Virtuoso Netsoft Solution servers or some other web server. Indeed, even connections to such kind of materials are dependent upon preclusion.

What Do You Own And What Not - Source Code/Database Of Website

Web Server - Clients get web facilitating complimentary with the bundle, whenever expressed in the email/proposition offered by our business group. Consequently, they dont claim it.

Content Management System (CMS) - Clients Don't Own This. A Web Application that is utilized to deal with the organization of substance for your site. The CMS (and all product) is possessed by the makers for example Virtuoso Netsoft and you use it as long as you run this site on our server.

Database Software - Clients Don't Own This. Customers dont have compose on the Database Software, for example, MySql made by Virtuoso Netsoft. Customers possess their site information and substance put away in the database in the event that they have composed it.

Source Code (other custom programming)- Clients Don't Own This. The modified code made in the language of the Web Server Platform that contains the rationale and connectors to other programming running on the server. Source code may likewise speak with outside incorporated framework servers. The source code will create the HTML/CSS/Javascript for the program to render to your screen.

HTML/CSS/Javascript - Clients Own This. HTML and CSS are the structure squares of practically all sites. It is a language that programs comprehend. The Javascript is customizing that may change the HTML and CSS as one cooperates with the site. Virtuoso Netsoft gives an understanding of giving HTML/CSS/Javascript proprietorship to you upon finishing and the last installment of the venture.

Visual Design - Clients Own This. The mix of design and adequate graphical resources like hues, photography, and typography to make the UI, pictures and recordings, and comprehensible substance of the site. The HTML/CSS/Javascript will contain the data to show these advantages so the program can render the site on your screen. Virtuoso Netsoft gives consent to customers giving site visual plan proprietorship to you upon fulfillment and last installment of the venture.

Content - Clients Own This. The designed, meaningful, web index indexable, duplicate and pastable site message that is rendered in the program. Customer will claim his/her site content substance in the event that they or their worker creators the substance.

Photography - Clients Own This… If they Took The Pictures. The whole or part of a digitized photo utilized on a site as either part of the logo, UI, slideshow, exhibition, video or other visual plan resource. Customer will claim their site photography on the off chance that they or their representative catches the photos

Domain Name

You Don't Own This Either. The Domain Name shows up in the location bar of the program. It is the humanly critical, recognizable piece of the site URL that is recorded via web search tools, showed in most showcasing, and recognized as a component of the brand. Customers don't really possess an area name despite the fact that they are an enrolled Domainproprietor. They have an agreement with the area recorder giving them "proprietorship" of the Domain a lot of like an agreement with a phone organization for a telephone number. Domain name enrollment with a recorder doesn't present any lawful responsibility for area name, just a selective right of utilization.

The Legal Reality of Owning a Website : Clients will never legitimately claim the Domain name, web server stage, CMS, web stage, database programming, or language used to manufacture your site. Virtuoso Netsoft just awards a permit to utilize the Intellectual Property of the site made by Virtuoso Netsoft utilizing its own altered code to manufacture it. Just if a customer program the site himself/herself or have a "work for enlisting" understanding, he/she will possess the site source code. On the off chance that the customer creators his/her very own substance, plan the interface, take his/her own photos, and make his/her very own illustrations, he/she will possess the entirety of the site "visual structure" and substance. All things considered, customers just possess the "Completed Assembled Work" for example HTML/CSS/Javascript, visual structure, and the content substance upon consummation and last installment of the undertaking.


If a customer needs the source code of the site, Virtuoso Netsoft won't share its CMS innovation, Databases, Location savvy Sub-areas or Sub-catalog site pages or Web Hosting Details of the site. Back-End of our Template based just as Customized Website (Admin Panel/CMS) + Location Wise (Sub-Domain) Web Pages created by Virtuoso Netsoft Team is the consequence of colossal research, inventive thoughts and long periods of difficult work by Virtuoso Netsoft. Virtuoso Netsoft holds privileges of its innovation and any time of time, if customer wishes to suspend administrations with Virtuoso Netsoft, customer can take control board of the Domain name (whenever bought by Virtuoso Netsoft) in the wake of paying all due installment (assuming any). Virtuoso Netsoft won't share its source code/reinforcement of the site which incorporates its Admin Panel/CMS, Database MySQL documents. The customer possesses the privilege to get HTML/CSS/Javascript, visual plan, and the content substance upon fruition and the last installment of the undertaking.

Web Hosting Details

At any purpose of time, Virtuoso Netsoft won't share Web Hosting Credential with customers to ensure innovation of site and keep up the security of web server from any malware/infections. Web Hosting is a free help furnished with Website Service to the customer. Virtuoso Netsoft holds the rights to deny customer from introducing any open source or outsider programming/module/module/segment/cms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Shopify and so forth.

Domain Details

As long as the customer keeps on running the site with Virtuoso Netsoft, Virtuoso Netsoft won't share certification of the area obtained by Virtuoso Netsoft for the Website of the customer. In any case, if, customer powers Virtuoso Netsoft Team to give control board of Domain, Virtuoso Netsoft will give the accreditations of area to customer in the wake of getting composed email from customer that "On the off chance that anything terrible happens to the structure or advancement of the site, Client will be exclusively mindful to it. Virtuoso Netsoft won't be mindful in the wake of giving the accreditation of the area."

Payment & Refund Policy

Every one of the payments would be acknowledged on standard modes set by Virtuoso Netsoft Solution. As we at Virtuoso Netsoft Solution keep up high collaborations with our customers and do the whole procedure with their endorsement along these lines there is no arrangement for any sort of full or fractional discount. We unmistakably notice here that the paid sum would not be discounted in any conditions. When a request is put it can't be dropped as it is sent for preparing right away. Your own inclinations changed over the span of time, can't serve an explanation behind discount or chargeback. The organization won't give the substance through some other media, for example, CD, pen drive, versatile drives and so on to dodge undesirable complexities and specialized issues. On the arrangement of this data, you would be exclusively liable for the login data just as the substance of the locales so gave. All payments for administrations Virtuoso Netsoft Solution must be made for "Virtuoso Netsoft Pvt. Ltd." as it were. We have not approved any individual or association to gather payments in some other name (for example some other individual or association name) for any administrations rendered by Virtuoso Netsoft Solution. You are educated that by no means will Virtuoso Netsoft Solution be at risk for any harm caused in your business exchange to such false people or associations.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

This Agreement and any dispute or matter emerging from coincidental utilize Virtuoso Netsoft Solution are administered by the laws of India and the Member and the Company, therefore, submit to the selective ward of the courts in India. This Agreement, endless supply of the Site and further certified by turning into a Member of the Virtuoso Netsoft Solution, contains the whole agreement among you and Virtuoso Netsoft Solution in regards to the utilization of the Site or potentially the Service. On the off chance that any arrangement of this Agreement is held invalid, the rest of this Agreement will proceed in full power and effect.We foresee that the previously mentioned data would empower you to intelligently utilize the offices and administrations offered by Virtuoso Netsoft Solution and fortify our business relationship also. With the hottest welcome, Team Virtuoso Netsoft Solution is good to go to help you to present with the most ideal arrangements.